Meet Michael & Michelle 

Michael's Story 

On October 29, 2019, I walked into the NOCHS’ Bariatric Clinic for the first time. My legs hurt as they always did. They hurt when I got out of bed that morning. They hurt after walking up the stairs from the bedroom of our home and was out of breath as I always was after climbing those stairs. When I got on the scale, I was at 469 pounds. My BMI was 65. I had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, a very swollen right leg and had got to a breaking point. I had to lose weight, because being 46 years old, I wondered, how much longer would I be on this earth.

Everyone at NOCHS’ Bariatric Clinic showed me the way. I learned very quickly that they would be there for me for whatever I needed, but I had to do it. It was up to me. This had been the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life and yet the best thing I have done. As with anything in life, if it is easy, it’s not worth doing.

I walked out of the clinic that day motivated and ready to restart my life. Following all the steps needed and simply counting calories. By Christmas of that year, I lost about 30 pounds. Just by doing that, I knew I could lose the 50-60 pounds they wanted me to lose before surgery.

I celebrated my one year anniversary of my gastric sleeve surgery two days ago. That morning one year ago I weighed 410 pounds. I won’t tell you it was easy, because it was not.

Today, I feel that I have a new life. Going from a 56 inch in pants to a 38 inch is hard to believe, from a 5XL shirt to just a XL is incredible. As I write this today, I weigh 240 pounds. I weigh less now than I did when I was in high school. I got a new job in November of 2020 that before this weight loss I could have never done because of how physical it is. I truly have a new life!

My wife, Michelle has also been on a journey of her own. Here is her story.

Michelle's Story

In spring of 2019, I attended a seminar and that night scheduled an appointment to begin the process of  bariatric surgery.  That August weighing 354 pounds and pant size of 24/26, due to uncontrollable circumstances, I had to put it on hold.

When Mike had his surgery in March of 2020, I watched his progress with pride and his life (our life) begin to change. I wanted that for myself too. I tried on my own, but kept slipping. So, I called NOCHS Bariatric Clinic to schedule to go forward with the process. I went in July of 2020 and weighed in at 307. The process went so smoothly. I was scheduled for surgery for that September. I weighed 287 pounds the morning of my surgery. I have made amazing progress and currently waiting for my six month check up. I am down about 60 pounds since my surgery.

I have reached some of my little victories, too. I can now cross my legs - something I haven’t done in more than 15 years. I no longer get cramps in my diaphragm when bending over, because I had my hiatal hernia repaired during my surgery. I have so many goals that I now want to achieve and new adventures to take with Michael. Together, we have loss about 350 pounds. I love our new life and look forward to our future.

Thank you to Dr. Krebill and all the staff at NOCHS Bariatric Clinic. You are the best support team.

If you're looking to start your weight loss journey or have questions for our staff, call us at 616.847.5489.