Frequently asked questions 

1. What is the cost of the ORBERA™ Intragastic Balloon System?

Insurance does not currently cover this procedure, therefore it is an out-of-pocket expense to anyone wanting this procedure. The total cost of the two balloon procedures (placement and removal) and 12-month medical weight loss program is $9,200. Full payment is required before the procedure.

2. Is this an outpatient procedure?

Yes, this an outpatient procedure. You arrive 90 minutes prior to procedure. The placement is estimated about 30 minutes long and you will recover for about two to three hours. The removal of the balloon is done in the Operating Room with general anesthesia, but is done endoscopically.

3. Would a Doctor ever need to abort the procedure to insert the balloon?

If a Hiatal hernia is found the doctor may abort the procedure. We can reschedule your procedure for a later date after the hernia is repaired.

4. Is there a special diet I need to follow?

Yes, two weeks before the balloon placement you will have an appointment with our Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist. They will discuss the details that involve the pre-placement and post-placement diet.

5. Will I have follow-up care?

Yes, you will receive daily phone calls for the first five days after placement. You will have a follow up visit two weeks after as well. We will also see you weekly for classes as well as monthly visits with a Physician Assistant.

6. What if I want the balloon out sooner than six months?

If you wish to have the balloon sooner than the six month plan then we schedule an appointment for you with a Physician Assistant to prepare you for the removal. However, there is no refund for early removal.

7. Can I leave the balloon in longer than six months?

No, it is not safe to leave the balloon in longer than the six months, because there is risk of the balloon rupturing.

8. Can I have the balloon placed for a second time?

Yes after removal, the recommendations state you may possibly have it placed again one year post removal.

9. Are there side effects of the balloon?

As with any anatomy changes there is a chance of side effects. The most common side effects with the balloon are nausea, vomiting, and dehydration.