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North Ottawa Community Health System’s Bariatric Clinic now offers Orbera,™ an FDA approved single spherical intragastric balloon that is inserted into the stomach and filled with saline solution. The full balloon leads to decreased hunger and caloric intake thus helping patients to lose weight.

With ORBERA™, patients on average lose 3.1 times the weight they would with diet and exercise alone. This is a safe and effective non-surgical weight loss procedure, which means no incisions, stitches, or scars. It takes just 20-30 minutes; most people go home the same day. And, importantly, the balloon is in place only temporarily, as opposed to permanent surgical alterations.

If you have a BMI of 30 to 40 and have not had a previous weight loss surgery, you may be a candidate for the balloon. Balloons have to be removed after six months. A new balloon may be inserted at a later date if a patient wanted a second one.

With this procedure, all patients are enrolled in our 12-month medical weight loss program so they can achieve the best possible outcome. Insurance companies do not currently cover the balloon procedure or the medical weight loss program. Learn more about the price of the balloon procedure here.

For more information about this procedure please attend one of our non-surgical weight loss seminars to learn more, or click here to see our frequently asked questions . If you have questions please call us at 616.847.5489.