Infusion Clinic

Infusion Clinic

The Infusion Clinic at North Ottawa Community Hospital offers the care patients need in a convenient, pleasant outpatient clinic environment. Staffed by ACLS certified Registered Nurses with a wealth of experience, the staff of the Infusion Clinic enjoys building relationships with patients and families.

Because we recognize that excellent care involves more than practicing good medicine, our facility offers the comfort of reclining chairs for most of our patients.  For those spending the day with us, we offer snacks from our refreshment cart, meals from our “At Your Request” room services, a warm blanket and more. 

Services available:

  • Injections – single does or ongoing prescriptions, supporting cancer and renal patients.
  • Infusions – for fluid replacement, multiple IV therapies, antibiotic therapies, and electrolyte support.
  • Transfusions – blood products for chronic conditions or acute needs. 
  • Catheterizations – to obtain sterile urine collection.
  • Port access – blood draws and routine flushing.
  • PICC line – insertion and dressing changes.
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy – as needed for appropriate conditions.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 8:00 am-3:30 pm by appointment.  A physician order is required for all visits. 

We welcome your questions about the Infusion Clinic. Please call (616) 844-4800 to schedule an appointment.