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Single-Site daVinci Gallbladder Removal


Traditional multi-port gallbladder removal surgery usually requires several small incisions across the abdomen, often leaving small scars, but now with daVinci’s latest technology scars are no longer visible.

During a minimally invasive surgery using the da Vinci Si system, the robotic arms are attached to surgical equipment. These arms are precisely controlled by the surgeon who is seated at a console several feet away from the patient. Using the console, the surgeon is able to visualize the patient and the procedure via a high-definition 3-D image. As surgery begins, the robotic arms enter through a single-incision in the body, about one inch in diameter. In the case of a gallbladder removal, the incision is made at the patient’s belly button. This method provides various patient benefits including minimal scarring, less bleeding, quicker recovery times and a shorter stay in the hospital.

This surgery is performed using the newest da Vinci robot, the Intuitive da Vinci Si. This model is the only one of its kind capable of performing single-site surgery. NOCHS is the first hospital in West Michigan and the only hospital on the lakeshore to have single-site daVinci technology.

Single-Site Robotic Gallbladder Surgeons

Sean Goodwin, MD

890 S. Washington, Ste. 130

Holland, MI 49423


Greg Meyers, MD

1316 Mercy Drive

Muskegon, MI 49444