Women’s Urinary Incontinence Treatment at North Ottawa Women’s Health

Urinary Incontinence, commonly known as lack of bladder control, affects as many as 20 million adult women.  Although it affects many, it is not a natural part of aging.

Women lose bladder control for many reasons.  The most common include weakening of the pelvic floor muscles and involuntary bladder spasms.  Medicines, lack of estrogen, medical or nervous system diseases and previous childbirth can also contribute to the problem. 

Fortunately, treatment of urinary incontinence is no longer restricted to surgery.  Effective options include medications, biofeedback, bladder drills, pelvic electrical stimulation, collagen, pessary, and vaginal cones. 

North Ottawa Women’s Health offers the following services:

  • Evaluation of urinary incontinence with in-office urodynamics
  • Evaluation of vaginal prolapse
  • Non-surgical treatment of incontinence and pelvic relaxation including: pelvic floor muscle strengthening with biofeedback and electrical stimulation, vaginal pessary fitting, bladder retraining, hormone therapy
  • Surgical treatment of incontinence
  • Surgical treatment of vaginal prolapse/pelvic relaxation

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