Hospital Auxiliary

North Ottawa Hospital Auxiliary

The North Ottawa Hospital Auxiliary was organized on September 19, 1919 and continues the tradition of:

  • Volunteering service to the Hospital
  • Service to the Community
  • Raising Funds to support the Health System
  • Providing Scholarships to students enrolled in Health Care programs
  • Acting as Hospital Goodwill ambassadors in the community

The Auxiliary is comprised of over 285 members in eight Guilds who donate more than 27,000 hours annually to the Hospital. Individual Guilds have activities and specific goals.

  • Hatton- sewing, newborn receiving blankets & burp cloths.
  • Kilbourn-knitting of newborn baby caps
  • Koster-making bunny pillows for children in Outpatient Surgery, Urgent Care and Emergency 
  • O'Brien-all volunteers working within the hospital, long term care & hospice
  • Robinson-Operation of the Gift Shop
  • Young-assembly of new mom bags for the Family Birthing Unit
  • Oswald-support group to the Auxiliary and assist in other projects including fundraising and First Baby of the New Year gifts

All North Ottawa Community Hospital volunteers are able to become members of the Auxiliary for an annual donation. For information on our volunteer services or to become a volunteer, click here.