Ethics Committee

The Ethics and Human Values Committee makes care, treatment, and services better by seeing and valuing the rights of each patient. The committee can advise patients, families and care providers with ethical issues and concerns. The committee is made up of people from medicine, nursing, law, pastoral care and the community.

Patients, their families and staff can ask for this committee’s help:

  • To clarify ethical issues that come up involving patient care
  • To clarify ethical issues on decisions about treatment and care for yourself or a family member
  • To receive help in clearing up a conflict in which ethical and human values are involved

Contacting the committee is easy. If you have any questions or would like to ask any committee member to assist you please call 616.847.5223 or you may write to:

Ethics and Human Values Committee

North Ottawa Community Hospital
1309 Sheldon Road
Grand Haven, MI 49417