In-home care services

Today, patients have many options for out-of-hospital care.  We offer choices that give patients the freedom and independence they desire.  From newborns to seniors, our patients get the healthcare they need, where they need it most - at home. 

Our Services Include:

Patient Assessment:  A trained staff member meets with and assesses the needs of the patient with respect to the services provided.  Patients are also monitored to insure that care is timely and follows the plan of care developed with your physician. 

Patient Instruction and Training:  A skilled professional insures that individuals participating in patient care are fully trained in the operation and care of equipment and provided appropriate Clinical Education.  Instruction is carried out in the convenience and comfort of the patient's home.

Consultations:  Staff will meet with patients and caregivers to solve any matter involving home care treatment or service.

24-Hour Emergency Service:  Emergency assistance is available to our patients through a 24-hour phone answering service.

Discharge Assistance: We work with physicians and hospital discharge planners to insure smooth transitions from hospital to home care.


services include rn case management of:

  • A new illness such as heart failure
  • A new PEG tube or tube feedings
  • A recent surgical procedure
  • Complications/worsening of a constant or reoccurring illness
  • New medications teaching
  • New diagnosis teaching
  • Wound/ostomy care and teaching
  • New oxygen dependence
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Pain control
  • Early infant/maternal discharge


For more information on In-Home Care Nursing Services, please call (616) 847-9090.