Heartpoints of North Ottawa Community Health System is a comprehensive, bereavement program for those coping with the loss of an infant.

Experiencing a loss of any kind is a difficult process. Experiencing the loss of an infant from miscarriage, stillbirth, illness or accident can activate a grief response more intense than many can imagine. The loss is felt most deeply by grieving parents … but can also be a tremendously difficult time for friends and family who surround them.

We are here to help you take the first step … to make sense of what’s happened and to provide you with information to assist with spousal and family grief.

Whether you need assistance immediately, or after some time has passed, contact our Heartpoints Program at (616) 847-5341.

Some ways we can help …

• Individual contact by a bereavement counselor, in your home or in our office, where you can have uninterrupted time to talk about your experience.

• Case Management support to identify possible needs that are unique to each family. Our Case Managers can also connect you with specialized community organizations (e.g. Lakeshore Pregnancy Resource Center, Tri-cities Ministries, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services), as well as help you gain access to support groups and/or other families, who are experiencing similar loss.

• On-line resource links, as well as a lending library of articles, books and videos to take home and review.

• An invitation to join our special Heartpoints Memorial Service, which takes place the first Sunday in December. The service – open to anyone -- provides parents, family and friends with the opportunity to reaffirm the importance of the life that was experienced, not matter how brief.