Postpartum Adjustment Group

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Are you struggling with the following?

Feeling overwhelmed

Feeding challenges

No energy, feeling exhausted all the time, no motivation

Inability to sleep, even when baby is sleeping

Constant worry

Exaggerated irritability, anger or frustration even over little things

Inability to cope, guilt

Depressed feelings that don't go away

Isolation, frequent crying

Difficulty concentrating or focusing

No appetite or constant cravings

Frightening feeling or thoughts


You are not alone.  We can help.

NOCH's Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Group is facilitated by Specialty Trained Nurses from NOCHS with visits from therapists from Pine Rest North Shore Clinic and New Path, LLC.

Free of charge; no need to register.

Held the second and fourth Thursdays of every month from 1:00 - 2:30pm.

For more information please call one of our specialty trained nurses at (616) 847-5512.



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